Welcome to Sx3, a thriving Las Vegas-based restaurant management group with a growing presence in Nevada, California, Texas, and Utah. As the pioneering franchisee of Broken Yolk Cafes, we are proud to have established ourselves as industry leaders. By the end of 2022, we will become the largest franchisee group, with an impressive annual system sales of $35,000,000.

Our foundation is built upon a core team of three individuals who share a passion for creating and operating successful, customer-focused restaurants. With nine operational restaurants and seven more in development, we are continuously expanding our footprint to bring exceptional dining experiences to even more communities.

At Sx3, we believe that success lies in the details. As a restaurant operator first and foremost, we understand that it is the attention to every aspect of our business that delivers superior results for our investors. We take great pride in our role as leaders within our franchise communities, setting the standard for excellence.

Our exceptional team, comprised of dedicated servers, skilled cooks, efficient managers, and talented corporate leaders, fuels the vibrant energy of Sx3. We strive to create an exciting workplace where passion and teamwork thrive, ultimately translating into a remarkable dining experience for our valued guests.