Barry Tu


Barry Tu has extensive experience in opening and operating high-performing start-up and franchise restaurants. He focuses on optimizing the guest experience for each of the concepts and overall strategic growth for the stores and the company. Prior to restaurants, he launched a successful automotive reconditioning franchise which he developed into the largest of its category in San Diego County. He has sold it since and now focuses on restaurant and real estate development.

Barry splits his time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and has a very adorable pup named Sushi.


Luisa Brede


Luisa has been a part of finance, real estate, and asset management since 2010. Studying at the University of Las Vegas – Nevada, she majored in marketing and business.

Originally from Portugal, Luisa has been a Las Vegas native since childhood. She stays busy with her 5 animals and kitten fosters.




“I've known Barry for 10 years and invested in many of his projects since. I've been very impressed on how efficiently he operates the business and his high level of integrity. Thus far, I've always been delighted with the ROI as he's been very conservative with his projections and budgets. Tu Companies is a fantastic company with strong values and strong operational teams. I look forward to participating in future deals with them!”

Zack StoryFounder at Async LLC

“I've known Barry for 18 years. He's a guy with great character and humor. The first project I invested with him was in 2017 and since then I've participated in 6 deals. I'm very happy with the way he communicates with us and how he conducts business in a very transparent manner. I'm very excited to be involved in his future projects!!”

Benedict ChanSr. UC Consulting Engineer at CDW

“I contributed to 7 projects with Tu Companies thus far and have been very excited with the results. The restaurants that they build are beautiful and anyone can tell are run at a very high level. I've known Barry since college and appreciate his leadership abilities to bring people together and to create amazing projects that produce great results. I'm glad I can be a part of these restaurants!”

John NguyenSoftware Engineer at Riot Games