Established in 2013, Tu Companies is a Las Vegas-based hospitality and commercial retail real estate group. Our mission is to create an inspiring and comfortable experience that reflects the world that we live in through our imaginative design, thoughtful service, and delicious food.

We invest and operate in restaurants in the fast-casual, drive-thru, and casual dining segments. Our most recent project includes Taco Reforma which will debut in Downtown Las Vegas Fall of 2021. It will specialize in serving authentic street-style tacos among other popular Mexican dishes. Other concepts that we are actively growing include Broken Yolk Cafe and Plant Power Fast Food.

Delivering an exceptional experience, one plate at a time.

We focus on developing and operating high performing restaurants that deliver a unique value proposition to guests.

We then employ our real estate strategy in finding a space that positions us competitively in the market.

Our priority is the development of our staff. We acknowledge that our team members are the ones developing rapport and delivering an exceptional experience to our guests. We place a large emphasis on training and growth.

We have experience in opening and operating high-performing restaurants that deliver an attractive ROI for investors and offer a unique value proposition for our guests.

Our stakeholders make it possible for our restaurants to ultimately be successful and contribute positively to each community we do business in. We are in this for the long haul. We partner with developers, general contractors, and brokers that specialize in each market we participate in.

We also have extensive operational training programs to ensure that our staff can handle large volumes and deliver that exceptional experience we dedicate to provide.

Being in the right location is one of the key factors that make our restaurants successful.

As a restaurant operating entity, we have the advantage of already having a tenant from the day we acquire the land – an advantage that landlords normally don’t have.

Currently, we operate 4 high performing concepts with management teams throughout Southern California and Nevada. When we purchase the land, we already know who the tenants are going to be.

Therefore there are savings (idle costs, marketing costs, legal, architectural fees, etc…) from soliciting and vetting a successful operator as a tenant – this is an advantage that a landlord normally wouldn’t have. We also have a dedicated construction team that works with reliable sub-contractors. This significantly reduces the risk of hiring unknown contractors that can delay the project and have very high-cost overruns. Preparation is our key advantage.

To acquire land or an existing commercial retail plaza that meets one of our concepts site criteria and to add value by renovating it and signing a long term lease with our restaurant concept(s).

To acquire land or an existing commercial retail plaza that meets one of our concepts site criteria and to add value by renovating it and signing a long term lease with our restaurant concept(s).

Real Estate Strategy 6 Steps

  • 1. Site Selection – Work with our Brokers and Partner Developers in identifying areas and locations that prove to have a high demand for our type of restaurant(s)
  • 2. Capital Raise – The fund opens to begin collecting capital to purchase land
  • 3. Acquisition – Land/Property is acquired that meet the strict criteria of our real estate experts and that offer strong potential for increased value at the time of resale.
  • 4. Renovation/Development – As part of our value-add investment strategy, we develop or convert the space for our restaurant for it to take over.
  • 5. Appreciation – Once the restaurant(s) takes possession, the property then increases in value based on the rent and market cap rate.
  • 6. Disposition – Property is sold and any profits are distributed to investors.

Work Hard and Have Fun.
Act and serve with integrity and honesty.

Become Experts at What We Do – We are a vertically integrated company. We are experts at operating and developing restaurants.


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